Please direct all inquiries regarding live performances, studio sessions, and lessons to:

(818) 732-1893

Brad Gibson is a Seattle-based drummer known for his role as a supportive and dynamic musician.

Brad currently works live and in the studio with such artists as: vocalist HB Radke, songwriter Ben Mish, guitarists RL Heyer, Dave Peterson and Rik Wright, keyboardists Joe Doria, Mack Grout, Tim Kennedy and Ron Weinstein, multi-instrumentalists Tarik Abouzied and Hans Teuber, and student pastor Jim Beirne.

In addition to his work as a sideman, Brad has recorded and produced three albums of original music: Space (w/ Mack Grout, 2016), Poontet (2014) and The Amber Tone (2008). He continues his monthly residency of original and standards-based ensembles at Vito's Restaurant & Lounge in 2017. In 2014, Brad was awarded an artist in residency scholarship by Jack Straw Productions to be applied towards a recording of new music (expected release in 2017). In 2009, Jim Knapp commissioned Brad for a new work to be performed by the Jim Knapp Orchestra, resulting in Winter Moving.

Brad holds a BMA in performance from Cornish College of the Arts (2008) and has been on staff at the Seattle Drum School since 2004.