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Brad Gibson is a Seattle-based drummer known for his role as a supportive and dynamic musician.

Brad currently works live and in the studio with such artists as: vocalist HB Radke, songwriters Ben Mish and Judd Wasserman, guitarists RL Heyer, Dave Peterson and Rik Wright, keyboardists Joe Doria, Mack Grout, Tim Kennedy and Ron Weinstein, multi-instrumentalists Tarik Abouzied and Hans Teuber, and student pastor Jim Beirne.

In addition to his work as a sideman, Brad has recorded and produced four albums of original music: Epilogue / Procession (2017), Space (w/ Mack Grout, 2016), Poontet (2014) and The Amber Tone (2008). He continues his monthly residency of original and standards-based ensembles at Vito's Restaurant & Lounge in 2017. In 2009, Jim Knapp commissioned Brad for a new work to be performed by the Jim Knapp Orchestra, resulting in Winter Moving. In 2014, Brad was awarded an artist in residency scholarship by Jack Straw Productions to be applied towards a recording of new music resulting in the six-song EP, Epilogue / Procession.