Spring Here and Away

Websites are supposed to be inspirational.  That's what they say, anyway.  This page?  Not so inspirational lately, at least for the reader.  Most of the inspiration has been on my end, and has been happening in the form of wooden sticks tapping on hybrid rubber pads.  Also plastic skins.  This daily work has been fueling the myriad gigs I've been involved with, a lot of small-room stuff: Bossa Nova, Electric Jazz, Acoustic Improv, Singer/Songwriter, Blues.

I often use the phrase #blessed in an ironic manner.  A play on pseudo spiritualism.  However I must say that, amidst the daily work, I've been feeling blessed to have the opportunity to get my chops together in a real way, and to perform with some heavy players in and around the Seattle area.  That's the news at the moment.

Brad Gibson