Water is Life - Tó éí ’iiná até

In a show of solidarity with the #nodapl protestors, composer BC Campbell has released his soundtrack to the documentary Water is Life - Tó éí ’iiná até ahead of the movie's completion. I was very pleased that BC asked me to record percussion on a few of his compositions and am thrilled that the soundtrack is now available for purchase.

From a Facebook post, Campbell says:

"Although the film is still in production, the filmmakers Deidra Peaches, Jake Hoyungowa and I wanted to begin the new year in solidarity with Standing Rock and the #nodapl movement. From the filmmakers: "We, the five-finger beings, have forgotten our connection to NahAdszáán (Earth) and Tó (water). By assessing and valuing our interdependence with Tó, and with a profound look at the relationships with this vital elemental necessity to life, we can heal. Tó éí ’iiná até (Water is Life) is a Diné & Hopi documentary that follows those directly impacted by our society’s pursuit of increasing fossil fuel and nuclear energy resource extraction efforts, at the health expense of Indigenous communities, furthering a conversation of environmental injustices that out weigh the prosperity of generations to come."

Half the album's proceeds from iTunes will go to the Water Protector Legal Collective.

link to Itunes