recording projects abound!

Taylor Bowen, Tim Kennedy, Tim Carey and I will be recording an EP at Synergy Productions this month. Taylor has written some rad jazz/pop songs. Stoked!

Ben Mish, Dave Trump and I will be convening at Jack Straw Studios in April to record a piano trio rock album. Ben's a great writer, the songs practically playing themselves, and not too many people do the rock piano thing these days. What a treat.

My next EP, Epilogue/Procession is mastered and slated to be released later this year, likely Q3. Denney Goodhew, Chris Symer, and Ryan Burns played magnificently on this album. Can't wait to share it.

Jack Straw has awarded me with another artist support scholarship. I'm excited to be recording some more songs of mine, this time in the classic Hammond organ/guitar trio format. Hopefully Jimmie Herrod will sing one or two as well!

You may enjoy listening to my latest album right now because why wait?

Brad Gibson